What is lacking with auto repair manuals or online shop manuals to access auto mechanic information gathering is all are 2 dimensional. Web Auto Repair Database has taken on the task of developing a 3D image for our automotive mechanic information gathering database.

Using those two methods, paper book manuals or online manuals on auto mechanic information gathering database which shows only 2 dimensional images, for most mechanics and even shop managers trying to find the correct information, it's time consuming and confusing to find the right information to repair cars.

In order to create and design this new revolutionary 3D image auto repair database, Auto Tech Internship created Web Auto Repair Database and Tech Craftsman Career Building Trade School. The trade school will bring on interns to not only learn the craft of being a master mechanic and transmission technicians in both fields of Engine and Transmission repair and remanufacturing. Interns will be learning the craft while working with Web Auto Repair Database while taking each engine and transmission component machining the components back to auto manufactures specifications. After interns finished the machining of each component, 3D images will be made before being reinstalled back into the engine or transmission. Those 3D images will be on each and every component from the cars they work on.

After interns disassemble the engine and transmission, and after each component has been machined, those components will be scanned into 3D images. While interns work on every car or truck, the interns will make video recording with auto sound so when our subscribers need information they can watch and listen to each step interns take on engine diagnosing, engine/transmission removal, machining, and remanufacturing then reinstallation back into the vehicles.

WARD and TCCBTS's programs are 24 months, 5 days a week, 8 hour days. After graduation each intern will be a master in automotive engine and transmission technology.

The interns are made up of a unique group of people that have the same goal in mind of learning a trade and walking away being masters in engine and transmission technology. Web Auto Repair Database and/or a Tech Craftsman Career Building Trade School intern category:

  • High School Graduates
  • General Education Development (G.E.D.)
  • Adult needing a career change
  • Former Military
  • Non-Violent Adult Offenders
  • Non-Violent
  • Adults on probation from the courts
  • Non-Violent Adults on probation after release from prison
  • Non-Violent Juvenile Offenders
  • Non-Violent Juveniles placed on probation
  • The Homeless

After the remanufacturing of each car or truck and 3D images are created along with the video with recordings, this information will placed on www.webautorepair.org database. A chat channel will also be available where backyard mechanics get help.

This subscribed database will be weekly, monthly, or yearly; the subscribers will help fund tuition and cover costs.

After being in operation for a reasonable amount of time, Auto Tech Internship will allow Tech Craftsman Career Business Trade School to add new important programs, This is to bring in different individuals not interested in automotive technology, but who might be interested in other career choices. New curriculums will be added as well, Tech Craftsman Career Building Trade School Curriculum's

    Diesel Technology
    Construction Technology
    Auto Body Collision Technology
    Motorcycle Technology

To help offer "Free Tuition" to interns, an Independent Commercial Business Division will be created, called "Assemblage of Auto Related Services", and housed at the same location.

    Commercial Business
    Online Digital Production Studios Media Center
    Auto/Truck Machine Service Center
    Auto Body Collision Restoration Service Center
    Auto Parts Service Center
    Construction Company-General Contractor Office
    Over-The-Road-Truck Stop Service Center
    Auto Truck Stop Dinning
    Auto Parts Service Center Auto/Truck Stop Convenience Store

The database Web Auto Repair Database will be creating will be in 3D images to give easy access to any mechanic, domestic or international, so they can look up information on any vehicle and actually see what they are looking for: Automobiles or trucks, no matter what year, make, or model. This is so vehicle repairs can be made, or a total remanufacture can be completed. 3D images will be created to be user friendly. Each component will be made in 3D images so professionals or nonprofessionals can understand how to rebuild any engine or transmission.

This process is a win, win opportunity for interns; by making 3D images, this will give them vast knowledge of the inner workings of engine and transmission components.

Because of the group being ex-felons interns including the homeless interns, both probable lacking the proper chance to receive the proper nourishment, we will ask companies such as meal-on-wheels, or All Hands for Hunger to come by and offer lunch to the interns that cannot afford to purchase food on their own and will go all day without eating. Those few need help in not only learning a career and help with food until they can get paid working in one of the Independent Commercial Businesses earning $15.00 dollars an hour.

After Web Auto Repair Database goes online, a chat link will be available to help not only professional mechanics but private people working on their cars or trucks. This chat is used by paid subscription, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and will be by the hour as well, this makes the live chat affordable.

Tech Craftsman Career Building Trade School internship instructors will be professional Master Technicians to offer curriculum and instruction.

Like any American Dream, Web Auto Repair Database also has a dream; to not only create a new enhanced automotive technology, but a workable information gathering database.

Tech Craftsman Career Building Trade School's Program is a 24 month program. Curriculum in:

    Engine and Transmission Factory Remanufacturing
    Auto Machine Technology
    Auto Body and Collision Repair
    Automotive Technology Body Restoration

"ASSEMBLAGE OF AUTO RELATED SERVICES" which will be housed at the same location:

    Independent private businesses:
    Engine Diagnoses and Repair Shop
    Engine Factory Remanufacture and/or Rebuild Shop
    Transmission Repair or Remanufacture Service Shop
    (WARD)'s Online Digital Production Studios
    Auto Machine Service Shop
    Auto Body and Collision Service Shop
    Auto Body Restoration Service Shop
    Independent Auto Parts Service Center

Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

It is a very unique assemblage of businesses, combining an all-in-one-auto service center. Each business will have a separate area. If a customer needs their car worked on, the auto repair shop is in the same location or very close by. Our goal is to have the building house a convenience store with fuel, auto parts store, and machine shop. A full truck stop facility with restaurant, diesel pumps, and diesel mechanics, will be in the same building and at a location for over-the-road trucks to have access. The Assemblage of Auto Related Services is a one-stop-shop for everyone and a lot of room for interns/apprentices to gain additional experience and receive a pay check.

Online Digital Production Studio

The production studio will be involved in several areas using Tech Craftsman Career Building Trade School interns as well as students from any university working on their undergraduate programs.

The partnership university undergraduate students will be able to earn both money and their on the job training credentials; the greatest achievement is gaining work experience. The undergraduates will work on projects while being paid $15.00 per hour with increases as they learn.

We'll reach out to colleges with students taking any studio type courses so they can gain on-the-job experience as they help build the database to go online. Those skills will also be open for outside companies needing work developed such as, training programs, info commercials, instruction done digitally, etc.

1. Example

Online Digital Production Studios will work alongside the automotive shop director, the interns, and master technicians to create 3D images of each and every electrical component, electrical connector. Every engine component, as the engine is being disassembled, as well as making 3D images on transmission electrical components and connectors, every component while being disassembled will be scanned. Everything on the vehicle will be made in a 3D image and then placed online for paying customers to use as they repair their own vehicles.

2. Example

Online Digital Production Studios will develop corporate training videos, digital recording, and college classroom training videos, tapes, and digital recordings on algebra, calculus, on all mathematical courses. Those videos, tapes, or recordings will address how the math pertains to real life. A lot of students do not understand the x or y on one side of the = sign and number on the other side. An example, the x could represent the number of nails to build a shed, the y could represent the amount of lumber. All training tapes, videos and digital recordings will be on the pay website available for a fee. This would be a source of additional revenue, a big part of the profits going back into the career building and university. Each of the independent private commercial business will train interns/apprentices with on-the-job training to increase their job skill while building their careers.

Auto Machine Shop Service Center

Open to customers to bring their auto components to machine; those customers will pay full price. If the customer brings in damaged components the machine shop can use the 3D printer to make the component, then the machine shop can reproduce the component. The machine shop will advertise on the internet so anyone in the world can send us their components for reproduction, after payment, we will return their component(s) with the reproduction(s). Again a big part of the profits will be disbursed the same way as the other businesses.

Auto Body Collision Restoration Service Center

Open to the public, the business will make contract with insurance companies, car rental companies to repair or recondition their vehicles. Interns/apprentices will be learning a career in Auto Body Collision; this course is complete engine, transmission and body factory remanufacturing. The vehicle will be like a new car when driven off the property. Auto Body Collision Restoration Service Center is housed at the Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location.

The Auto/Truck Stop Convenience Store

The Auto/truck stop will be a Convenience Store Shopping Center designed not just for auto customers of one of the centers, but for drive-in customers to stop for a cup of coffee, gas, fresh sandwich, and soda. Gas, diesel fuel, etc. will also be sold. The Auto/Truck Stop Convenience Store is housed in the "Assemblage of Auto Related Services" Location.

Auto Repair Shop

The auto repair shop will be open to any customer not just for auto repair, but if they want to have us build a muscle cars, or even NASCAR racecars if requested. We will be able to design high performance engines and special racecar bodies. Our advanced graduate interns will be a big part of this company.

Auto/Truck Machine Shop Center

If a customer needs engine components machined, the machine shop can do the job. The customer can just drop off their components and either wait or come back.

Auto Parts Service Center

The auto parts service center is designed much like other parts stores, selling the same products. There's a big difference in this unique center which will offer many more services than the other auto parts stores. A customer will be able to walk in and find everything they'll need. Every customer will receive help from professional mechanics and interns, making up the mechanics/customer services agents. Those company interns will have had the experience of working with 35 different automakers' makes, models, and years of vehicles their first year as interns, they will have more experience than most mechanics working in an auto garage or dealership. When a customer comes in needing an experienced person to help them regarding an engine or transmission component, they will just need to ask. If a customer needs advice on fixing a certain problem, the answer is right then and there. This auto parts store will also be an auto tool and construction equipment rental center. When a customer walks in they can rent any specialty type of tool to fix their car or build a garage or porch.

Auto/Truck Stop Dinning

This restaurant will be designed not only showing old cars but with those old cars along with a photo of the car which went through a complete auto restoration, and the same with trucks. The atmosphere will be for auto and truck enthusiasts, even large trucks for the over-the-road truckers using the truck stop area to fuel, but after fueling their truck they want to obtain fuel for themselves in the form of food.

Construction Company-General Contractor

This will be a full blue collar construction company. The curricula will cover carpentry, masonry, roofing, electrician, plumbing, flooring, sheet rockers, and other programs involved in construction, including having access to an architect, and instruction on all codes and regulations so interns can take city, county, state tests to become licensed.

We will be a full construction company to be hired to build homes or other types of buildings, to renovate older homes or constructing building for a new business. Our main goal is to work with the city and neighborhoods to go into homes of the elderly and handicapped, help find grants to cover costs to rewire, put in new plumbing, and take the old roofing off, deck and put on a new roof. The home owner will receive the labor free just pay for materials; that is where the grants come in.

We would like to work with neighborhoods and the city officials in rehabbing abandoned homes or apartment buildings, which have become run down destroying neighborhoods. Work on fire damaged homes in desperate need to be rebuilt. We envision purchasing those buildings or homes and bringing them back to a useful condition. When we sell the reconditioned home the owner must sign an agreement with us and the neighborhood association that they cannot resell their home to an absentee landlord, and the buyer must live in the home for a specified number years.

This applies to the quality of life in neighborhoods. The homes we personally purchase can be designed to help our country's wounded warriors' needs. Construction Company-General Contractor is housed at Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

Business Intellectual Concept Created by James E. Grow Library of Congress Copyright (c) 2015-TXu 1-954-607 Certificate of Registration

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